Winter Adventures

      Sea Spray’s Winter in Northern Cape Breton

Moose tolerate heavy snowfall fairly well, as this image proves, captured by a snowshoer touring in northern Cape Breton with Sea Spray Outdoor AdventuresThe mountains and valleys of northern Cape Breton, an area which receives the highest average annual snowfall in the Atlantic provinces, are blanketed in deep snow from early December until at least mid-April.

During most of this time, temperatures remain relatively moderate, and winter outdoor enthusiasts find themselves in a snow-rich environment that’s surprising, given its maritime location.D+J-cropped-640-72

Impeccable trail grooming takes place from late December through early April in northern Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Sea Spray Outdoor Adventures image.Fans of on-track cross country skiing revel in the pleasure of traveling on superbly groomed and ungroomed trails both inside and north of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

Backcountry skiing and snow shoeing enthusiasts swear that the adventure of scenic travel in the highland wilderness is a winter experience unlike any they’ve experienced.Drift ice and sunsets shot in northern Cape Breton with Sea Spray Outdoor Adventures

Let Sea Spray’s experienced winter guides lead you on tours to areas of unrivaled beauty and winter wildlife.
Whether using one of our backcountry day trips, a groomed-trail experience or one of our multi-day all-inclusive winter packages, you’ll thoroughly enjoy your taste of our highland winter snowshoeing, backcountry and cross country skiing.

Skiing On The Edge Of Northern Cape Breton

On-track skiing as part of a multi-day winter package in northern Cape Breton with Sea Spray Outdoor AdventuresOur ski offerings include:

cross-country ski tours, both guided and unguided, on groomed ski trails at our two ski touring centers:

The Cape Breton Highlands National Park system, which stretches from Neils Harbour to Ingonish Beach, and
The North Highland Nordic system in Cape North village.

David-over-MPBoth operations offer tractor-grooming, and taken together, these two centers offer over 50 kilometers of regularly groomed trails for both classic and skate skiingguided back country ski touring in the highlands wilderness of northern Cape Breton, both in the Cape Breton Higlands National Park and the Pollets Cove/Aspy Fault Wilderness Protected Area.

Guided spring backcountry ski touring in northern Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, with Sea Spray Outdoor AdventuresNorthern Cape Breton attracts skiers seeking “out of the way” winter destinations where a vista with more than one group of skiers in view at the same time would be considered a crowded area.

With some of the highest snowfall accumulations on North America’s eastern seaboard, northern Cape Breton’s snow products are virtually guaranteed from late December through early April.  Trails are groomed until after Easter, and the mountain wilderness is deep in snow until well into spring, providing access to the highland beauty not possible during summer months.  Scrub bush, fallen trees and ground irregularities are buried, making travel through the hardwoods and along the ridges a gentle and memorable experience.