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Whale Watching on a guided level half day “Coastal Mountains” hiking tour in northern Cape Breton with Sea Spray Outdoor Adventures Whether it’s:

hiking to a remote coastal meadow;
leisurely cycling along the ocean and harbour-side trails on our Trek rental bikes;
entry-level shorebird watching tour by kayak;
a whale watching tour along our northern coastline with our partner skippers;
an exploration of our northern waterfalls;
ski and snowshoe touring in our incredible winter wilderness…

Guided half day introductory kayak tour in northern Cape Breton with Sea Spray Outdoor Adventures…our guided and self-guided trips and all-inclusive packages will be the highlight of your trip to Cape Breton Island.DT-Horizontall-4,5,200(1)

As residents of this strikingly beautiful area, we’ve been enjoying northern Cape Breton’s incredible outdoors year-round for over twenty-five years.  We use our experience to introduce our clients to the often-missed environmental opportunities awaiting them in Northern Cape Breton, the region known as the “Top of the Island”, one of the most beautiful areas in North America.Family guided bicycle tour in northern Cape Breton with Sea Spray Outdoor Adventures

We invite you to navigate through the entire site to learn of the variety of the year-round opportunities this spectacular area offers, and to enjoy the stunning images captured by our staff during past tours.Use the menu above, or the internal links, to fully explore our site.

Bull moose harbour grazing just off the road. Captured on film by a bicycle rental client in northern Cape Breton with Sea Spray Outdoor Adventures

Marine mammals abound in the summer waters off northern Cape Breton, and opportunities for viewing these magnificent creatures take various forms.

With Sea Spray’s outdoor activity packages our clients are introduced to Humpbacks, Sei whales, Minke whales or the large Fin whales on boat tours conducted by our partner skippers, either in Zodiacs or Cape islander vessels.

Whale watching on an Oshan Whale Watch, in northern Cape Breton with Sea Spray Outdoor Adventures, is a memorable family outdoor experience.At Sea Spray we try to put you into the environment that we love so deeply.  It’s just coincidence that the wildlife is there as well.

Patrons of Oshan Whale Watch and Sea Spray Outdoor Adventures enjoy numerous Humpback sightings along the northern Cape Breton coastline, Nova Scotia, Canada, as part of outdoor adventure packages with Sea Spray Outdoor Adventures

Additionally, during our outdoor activity tours clients:

Count pods of pilot whales from the high cliffs on a road or mountain bike tour;
Thrill to the sight of twenty or more whales as they move alongside on one of our intermediate kayak tours;
Scan the waves for whales, seals and dolphins from a ringside seat during a lunch break on a hiking tour;
Thrill to our dive-bombing gannets as they hurtle hundreds of feet through the air, exploding into the sea in chase of the same mackeral being hunted by the whales;