About Us

Who we are:
Sea Spray Outdoor Adventures is a small outfitter located at the northern tip of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Founded in 1993, Sea Spray’s guiding staff represents decades of experience here at the Top of the Island. Our goal is to share the pristine beauty of northern Cape Breton’s mountains – to – ocean environment, and its history and culture, with visitors seeking immersion in an unspoiled, natural wilderness.  Our guides are local residents whose extensive outdoor experiences coupled with their long history here make them ideal “interpreters” of the region.

Our Credentials:
Our staff has a long history of involvement in outdoor recreation and soft adventure tourism in northern Cape Breton, and our credentials reflect this history.

Our philosophy:
We believe that the northern region of Cape Breton, the area shared between Cape Breton Highlands National Park and the area north of the national park, represents some of the most spectacular scenery on North America’s eastern seaboard.

We also believe that since the region is so uncommericialized, it offers a unique opportunity for visitors to experience nature in a truly authentic setting.

We feel strongly that the best way to enjoy this authenticity is in small groups, and our various outdoor adventure offerings reflect this belief.

All of our guided tours are offered for a minimum of two adult clients.  We feel that this is the best way to allow our clients to “fit” a guided tour into their vacation schedule.  We don’t offer an annual “Tour Schedule”, but rather launch our tours according to the travel schedule of our guests.

We use a Trip Planning service that allows us to work with our clients in preparing an “outdoor itinerary” for their time in northern Cape Breton.  This itinerary can contain guided outings,  self-guided activities, or a combination.  Itineraries are based upon information provided to us through our Client Assessment form.  In this way we are able to offer clients a combination of guided and self-guided offerings customized to their fitness levels and interests.

Our Offerings:
We offer outdoor experiences primarily involving cycling, hiking, kayaking, whale watching, cross country or back country skiing and snow shoeing.  We also offer “secondary” experiences featuring golf, wildlife viewing, photography , lighthouse visitation and waterfall explorations.  All of our offerings, with the exception of our kayak tours, can be experienced in guided or self-guided versions, and all can be built into multi-day packages.

Our “Seasons”:
We live and operate in a multi-season climate.  Our “summer” offerings, (cycling, kayaking, hiking, golf and whale watching) are offered generally from late May to mid-October.  Our “winter” offerings, (skiing and snow shoeing) are offered from mid-January to early April.  Wildlife viewing and waterfalls exploration is available year round.

Continue deeper into our site for more specific information, or Contact Us via email or telephone for more specific answers.  Read also our various policies.